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"Hey Lovi, look in there!" You smiled, pointing into a shop with little tomato plushies. He went red, but turned his head a way, clutching onto your hand. "Do you want to go in?" He shook his head,

"No.. It's-a stupido." You giggled,

"Fine. I'm going in though." He squeezed your hand,

"Don't-a leave-a me out here, Sorella!" You smirked, and dragged him in. After about 15 minutes of waiting for the person in front of you to buy their things, you bought Lovino a little tomato plushie.

"Here Lovi," You bent down to his level, and placed the tomato in his tiny hands. "Now you'll have a permanant tomato buddy!~" He furrowed his brows and looked at the plushie.

"G-grazie." He whispered, blush evident on his cheeks.

"Di niente." He reached up and grabbed your hand again, And you thanked the owner of the shop, then left. The whole walk through the streets of Spain, you couldn't stop thinking about one spaniard. No you two weren't dating; you just met him last night! But.. How could a person be so perfect? He had the sweetest smile.. Gentle emerald eyes.. and that hair.. You wanted to touch it so badly. Just run your fingers through the lucious chocolate brown hair, and listen to him say your na--

"Oi, Sorella, why are you-a so red?" You blinked, and looked down at Lovino, who had a questioning look on his face.

"Red? What are you talking about?" He held out the plushie in his hand, and compared your face to a tomato's;

"Yeah you're-a red." You raised a hand to your cheek, and you could feel the heat radiating off them.

You've been so caught up in thinking about Toni.. That you hadn't noticed the obvious heat in your head.

"Oh.. I was just thinking." Lovino sighed, but you two continued walking.

When you met Toni last night, you had an incredible time together.. And I say together because literally, it was only you two, because He decided to take you for a walk. So you were completely alone with him, just talking. You really would've expected to get his number.. But you were so caught up in him (He mesmerized by you as well) that you forgot to ask.

God I'm such an idiot! I could've totally gotten his number, but me being such a dumbass, I'm never gonna see him again!

Your bottom lip started to droop, but a familiar voice invaded your ears.

"Hey Chica!~" You snapped out of your thoughts and noticed a chocolate haired spaniard waving at you, a smile plastered on his face. He was sitting against a wall, a guitar next to him.

"T-Toni?" You asked, and he smirked,

"Oh don't tell me you already forgot my face.. Because I have definitely not forgotten yours!" You felt heat rise to your cheeks, but you still walked over to him. He smiled at you, then his emerald orbs trailed to Lovino, and he raised a brow.

"Is he your niño, (F/N)?" Lovino's face went beet red, and you laughed,

"Nahh, This is my little brother~" You smirked and pat Lovi on the head, and he glared. "Say hello to Toni, Lovino." He crossed his arms,

"Ciao stupido bastardo che è innamorato di mia sorella." You felt your cheeks heat up, and you smacked him on the back of the head.

"Lovino!" You scolded, and Toni chuckled,

"I'm guessing he didn't say anything nice, now did he?" You sweat dropped,

"You don't want to know." You sighed, and looked at Lovino. "Now say it right." He sighed,
"Ciao." He gave Antonio a blank stare, yet a light pink dusted his cheeks. You smiled, then eyed his guitar.

"Do you play, Toni?" He nodded, a smile creeping onto his face. "Are you any good?" The smile then contorted to a smirk,

"That's for you to decide, Chica." He leaned over, and picked the guitar up. "Do you want to listen, belleza?" You blushed,



"Yes." You looked at Lovi who moved away, and sat against the wall. Antonio smiled, and stood up. He began to strum, a beautiful noise coming from the guitar, and his fingers started to move against the strings faster.

"Last night was a thriller, was a killer, was a damn good time," You never would've thought he'd be able to sing.. But you were wrong. His voice was like butter to your ears, and you were melting. "I met a pretty girl and I wanted to make her mine." He winked at you, and you played with your fingers. "So I took her for a walk and damn that girl could talk," You giggled, "We talked about all the pretty things, and all the shitty things, and all the little things that fall, between." He smiled at you brightly, "And oh pretty girl, I know that I just met you but I might just dare to say, That I love you." Your heart started racing, and you blushed like mad. "And oh sweet perfection, won't you hear my one confession.. I've been lost, but dear I'm found." Then he was done. Your face was so red, and you felt like you could cry. Antonio however, was smiling that signature smile of his. Lovi was red-faced with anger in the corner.

"Did you like it, Chica?..I made it for you." He placed the guitar on the ground, and looked back to you. He went completely pale when he realized tears were travelling down your cheeks. This made Lovino extremely angry, and he started punching Toni's legs.

"You idiota! Look-a what-a you did! You made-a my sorella c--" His words were cut short when you practically launched yourself at Toni. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and buried your face in his chest.

"I l-loved it." You whispered, and he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist. He felt his cheeks redden, and you tightened your hands on his shirt. "No one's done something as nice as this for me." He felt a smile grow on his face, and you whispered; "Thank you." He pressed a kiss under your ear, and you blushed,

"Le invitamos." You pulled away, and he smiled down at you, wiping the free tears away with his thumbs. "Now (F/N), would you like to go out with me tonight?" Lovino glared.

"No!" You smiled, and slapped a hand over Lovino's mouth.

Sorella - Sister (ITALIAN)
Grazie - Thank you (ITALIAN)
Di Niente - You're welcome (ITALIAN)
Niņo - Child (SPANISH)
Ciao stupido bastardo che č innamorato di mia sorella - Hello stupid bastard that's in love with my sister (ITALIAN)
Belleza - Beautiful (Noun, SPANISH)
Le invitamos - You're welcome (SPANISH)

Yayy so here's my little spain one-shot lalala~
If you like it, favourite, comment, or even WATCH me!
If you want a second part, comment, And we'll see c;

Hetalia and it's characters belong to Himaruya~
You belong to Spain C:
The song 'Sweet Perfection' Belongs to the Band NeverShoutNever! (or Christofer~)
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the only spanish i know is from bop to the top
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THROW BACK THURSDAY FOR ME i cant wait to read all of MY SHIT 
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And Romano was then forgotten the end. From Saga.
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Awesome story! :3 I love chibi Romano 
valeryEB Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so cuuutee!
and I hope you don't mind, but since spanish is my first language, I would like to make a correction...
To say "you're welcome" we say "de nada" ^^ never trust google translator
the-TomatoBoss Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think di niente in Italian........
Anne-who Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I think she ment "le invitamos" thing. 
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Oooo chibi Lovi! Why you gotta be so cute?! *bonecrushing hug for lovi*
AlisSparrow Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Writer
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Gou Matsuoka (Sees Hawt Body -Shy-) [V1] 
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XD This is absolute perfection.
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How cute! (Little Romano, tryin' to ruin things!) XD
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